Px HealthCare Unveils First-of-its-Kind, Real World Evidence Study Using OWise Breast Cancer Patient Support App

London, 7 December 2023 — Px HealthCare (Px), the digital health company behind the clinically-validated OWise cancer patient support app, announced today the presentation of a first-of-its-kind Real World Evidence (RWE) study at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS). The study, which is part of a collaboration between Px and AstraZeneca UK, is a nationwide RWE initiative enabling any breast cancer patient in the UK to take part in the study when prescribed with trastuzumab deruxtecan (TDX-d, Enhertu) or olaparib (Lynparza) using the OWise app. 

For this study two new tailored treatment-specific versions of OWise have been developed to support UK patients recently prescribed with one of the two treatments within their licenced indications. The study, called RELATE-2, evaluates the experience of patients treated with TDX-d or olaparib while using the OWise treatment-specific modules.  

Being led by an international team of clinical researchers, the study’s Principal Investigator Dr. Sophie McGrath, a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Royal Marsden Foundation Trust, commented, ”RELATE-2 represents a new way to assess patient experiences in the real world, using a widely available, clinically-validated, cancer patient support app. I’m looking forward to gaining a detailed understanding of how patients experience the use of new treatment-specific support apps countrywide and within specific patient groups.” 

Founder & CEO of Px, Dr. Anne Bruinvels, said, “The RELATE-2 study is an exciting novel way to conduct patient-centred Real World Evidence research. With the freely available OWise breast cancer app patients prescribed with TDX-d or olaparib can find personalized support. Also, OWise enables patients to directly consent and contribute to clinical research all within the app. OWise is designed to empower patients whilst delivering insights that can help reshape patient care.” 

The RELATE-2 poster presented by Principal Investigator Dr. Sophie McGrath at the 2023 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium can be accessed here 

For more information about OWise please visit https://owise.uk or contact Px Founder and CEO Dr. Anne Bruinvels at anneb@pxhealthcare.com   




RELATE-2 is a UK-wide observational study that enables patients to self-register and provide consent to take part in a Real World Evidence investigation about their treatment experience. The 18-month study applies the clinically-validated OWise breast cancer mobile and web app to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and perceived impacts on patient experience, treatment use, and quality of care of the OWise app designed for patients undergoing treatment with TDX-d for advanced Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2 (HER-2) positive and olaparib for germline-BRCA1/2 mutated early breast cancer patients.  

RELATE-2 has been designed to provide valuable insights into the integration of treatment-support OWise app versions into routine breast cancer care, improving patient experience while contributing to robust real-world evidence generation for new breast cancer treatments. 

For more information about RELATE-2 please contact RELATE2@astrazeneca.com.  


Developed by Px Healthcare, OWise stands as a clinically-validated patient support app platform designed to support individuals from the first day of a cancer diagnosis. With different apps for breast and prostate cancer patients, OWise supports users with a suite of medical evidence-based self-management and clinical communication tools.  

OWise supports patients with symptom tracking, medication management, informed decision-making, and communication with their physician while promoting better-informed treatment management. 

Global Impact and Real World Evidence Research: Already embraced by tens of thousands of patients globally, OWise is applied to conduct nationwide real-world evidence research, reducing the burden on healthcare services. Accessible from any mobile or web-enabled device, OWise offers a seamless approach to clinical trial participation, surpassing traditional recruitment methods. As the app is already in the pockets of patients, recruitment and activation are quick and seamless, fostering inclusivity and reducing health information barriers. 

Support and Equality: The support and information available through the OWise app contribute significantly to removing barriers to health information. By placing this resource directly in the hands of patients, OWise actively promotes health equality. Patients, regardless of their location or background, can access the support and participate in clinical research, fostering a more equitable landscape in healthcare.  

For more information about OWise please visit https://owise.uk or contact Px Founder and CEO Dr. Anne Bruinvels at anneb@pxhealthcare.com   

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Px Healthcare  

Px HealthCare (Px) is a visionary force committed to revolutionizing global cancer patient care, founded by medical scientists in 2012. 

Its first digital platform, the OWise breast cancer app, launched in the UK in 2016 building on its success in the Netherlands. Conceived by Px founder, Dr. Anne Bruinvels, a pharmacist with a PhD in biomedical sciences, OWise addresses significant gaps in post-diagnosis cancer patient experiences, currently available for breast cancer in the UK, the Netherlands and the US, and for prostate cancer in the UK. 

Joined by Dr. David Bruinvels, Anne’s brother and a clinical occupational physician specializing in oncology, and a dynamic team of biomedical scientists, software developers, and data scientists, Px embodies collaborative leadership. 

Px Healthcare’s vision is rooted in understanding the challenges patients face and creating impactful solutions. With diverse expertise, including molecular bioscience, clinical occupational medicine, data-science, and advanced software technology and development, Px Healthcare pioneers healthcare solutions that bridge gaps and elevate standards in improving oncology outcomes. 

RWE studies such as RELATE-2 and the OWise cancer apps by Px Healthcare collectively represent a transformative force in cancer research and care. These initiatives underscore a commitment to innovation, patient empowerment, and a vision for a future where healthcare transcends boundaries, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by cancer. 

For more information about Px please visit https://pxhealthcare.com or contact Px Founder and CEO Dr. Anne Bruinvels at anneb@pxhealthcare.com   

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/pxhealthcare.